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Our Services

Skilled | Experienced

Onco team can design your electrical installations, co-work with design teams or architecture designers to get optimised solution for your project. We can supply components for automation of lighting & light fixtures. Our team can manage turn-key projects of lighting automation & electrical installations.

We are small enough to care & big enough to handle a project of any size.

Photosensors for lighting automation

design | consult | manage


Designing of optimised cost effctive solutions need planing & experience. Onco team has more than 12 years of experience of designing complex lighting automation systems.


Our team experts of lighting automations can consult & advise on correct lighting solutions for application. We have experience & expertise.


projects involved by number of parties that need cordination. We have proven track record of managing teams for projects.

Install | Integrate | Maintain


Installation of good lighting automation system depends on expertise of installer for correct functionality. We have completed many that made us experts.


Automation system can integrate with many other systems that is already in place. Our team has integrated many systems succefully over the years.


Maintain a good system need attention once in a while. When it need repair of system we know what it need exactly as we may have seen it so many times.

Agents | Stockist | Retailer


Onco Solutions work as agents for leading lighting automation suppliers like Schneider Electric®, Philips Lighting®. Also work with Meanwell®, Merrytek®, Elko®, Intelight® & Madrix® for components for automation in Sri Lanka.


Our warehouse hold most of components for lighting projects from light fixtures to light control modules. Our ability to supply them immediatley for big or small projects backed by availability of product in warehouse.


Third party installers can order components for automation & lighting fixtures for big or small project from our retail supplies. We carry stocks of LED light fixtures & electrical accessories for retail.