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Water/Humidity Sensors

Water/Humidity Sensors

Water & humidity sensors are critical in asset management as it detects and alarms if there are any undesired water or humidity level increase. Not only water, it can also detect any conductive fluid that it come in contact with. Very sensitive and accurate detection that can provide information up to the spot or zone depend on detector used for easy and fast response.

We Work With RLE (USA)

We work with RLE (USA) for water and humidity detectors. Sensors and all components are made in USA. RLE has more than 30 years of industry experienced that is second to none. 

Better Detection, Accurate & Reliable

Detection depends on good quality sensors and RLE make it better. It gives accurate and reliable response to events of water, humidity or any conductive fluid presence. RLE Seahawk system can be standalone or integrated system according to requirement.

Sea Hawk Features

Versatile solutions for nearly any size or type of facility

 Web accessible and mobile alerts provide 24/7 peace of mind 

Integrated map for immediate threat location

 Easily integrates with existing alarm monitoring, BMS, or NMS system

 Compatible with a variety of communications protocols including SNMP, BACnet, and Modbus