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Elegant look,
sleek glass design

Multi Award winning glass switch adds prestige looks to your home. ULTI glass switch series complement the interior design that no other electrical switch can match. It is in its own class.

LED backlight with clean slim design

Blue back light of the switch adds smooth functionality of the ULTI switch a elegant look as well as it shows the ON/OFF status.

Slim profile blends in with the surface sleemlesly

All this has engineered in to very slim profile with smooth mechanism of switching functionality. Operates by ‘IMPRESS’ innovative switching mechanism.

ULTI remote brings functionality to your palm

Getting more out of your ULTI installation is very easy. If you have compatible Zig-Bee ULTI switches installed, then adding a switch or free locator switch doesn’t take more than 30 minutes.

Retrofit - No rewiring, Change of looks in under hour

No need of changing electrical wiring if you just need to change the look of your light switches. Retrofitting ULTI is easy. Take of the old switch and replace it with ULTI switch. Easy as that.