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Schneider C-BUS


C-bus is a intelligent lighting controller with microprocessor based system. Individual units can be programmed and interface with number of input out-put devices. These includes but not limited to on/off switches, dimmers, fans, HVAC, audio & visuals, curtain controllers as well as sprinklers etc. Imagination is yours. We just make it a reality.

Elegant Interactions

Range of touch screens are available for interaction with C-BUS system with user friendly interface options. Easy and efficient operation with scenes and individual controls.

C-BUS Can Have Switches

Not only touch screens, C-bus system can have range of switches, such as Ulti, Saturn, Neo switches from clipsal range or you can even use you very own Ipad or Iphone. From any where of the world.

Your Imagination is Only Limitation

C-Bus systems can be installed in many applications that are ranging from very complex commercial applications to residential applications as well.

 • Fluorescent lighting control for energy cost savings in high rise buildings.

• Integration with occupancy sensors and daylight level sensors, for energy efficiency.

A Scene Is Just A Touch Of A Button

High-bay control in warehouses for energy cost saving.

• Integration with BMS to provide a more comprehensive lighting control solution. Mood Lighting in Restaurants and Retail Outlets

• Flexible and integrated control of lighting and audiovisual equipment in boardrooms. Architectural lighting control for hotel foyers, ballrooms, art galleries and museums. Standalone Room Control

• Integrated automation via touch screen user interfaces. For conference rooms and home theatres.

Life Is Easy With C-bus 

• Multiple scene/mood setting. Residential Home Control

• Home entertainment – Integrated audiovisual, lighting control and other electrical services.

• Security – Integrated security, lighting and other electrical services.

• Comfort – Dimming, scene setting, etc.

• Convenience – Multiple point control, central point control from touch screens, automated time based control, automated ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Welcome Home’ scenes.

• Energy efficiency – Incorporation of light level sensors, occupancy control, temperature sensors and much more to assist your home to operate more efficiently.