LED Light Strips

Chip sizes of LED

Selecting LED strips

LED strip lights are available in the market with many different variations. Light strips could have range of colour options, temperature options, Kelvin values or CRI , CCT values. Dimmable & non dimmabale options as well as IP rating variations are adds on to the complexity of selection.

CCT - colour temperature

LED colour temperature is also known as “correlated colour temperature”. It is indicated on LED lights as ‘Kelvin’ value.  This value is important only when selecting ‘White Light’. White light could range from 2000K to 6500K. 3000k is being more yellowish kind of white light more towards the light given out by a incandescent light bulb. 6500k also known as ‘day light’.

We can help you select the correct light temperature or the Kelvin value for your application.

LED kelvin values

CRI for LED lights

LED lights need to have correct CRI value to represent correct colour of the objects in the illuminated space. If CRI or colour rendering index is high that is a indication of good LED light for applications where colour recognition is very important. Show rooms or vegetable or clothing stores should use correct CRI values to avoid this colour recognition problem. Best value for CRI is 100 which is equal to sunlight.

Lumens Output

LED lights lumen (lm) out put indicates how bright it could be. It is very important to know lumen values indicated are for per watt, per meter. High lumen value does not reflect a good light. lumen value could impact LED life span if manufacturer has optimized LED light for brightness only. If LED fixture operate at maximum level that shortens the life span.

We do LED light Strips

At Onco we stock range of LED strips. We do have range of lumen outputs, RGB colour strips as well as RGB+W strips.