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Exit/Emergency Lighting

Approved by Fire Service Department – Colombo

Oximia LED emergency exit sign is approved by Fire Service Department of Colombo. If you require us to send you a certificate of approval please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Exit Signs

We have partnered with emergency and exit signs manufacturer in Europe to bring good quality emergency signs. We can back up our product complies with international fire safety standards as well as CE certified.

Emergency Battery Pack

Emergency battery packs manufactured in European Union are available for reliable emergency light back up. Packs are designed for standalone operation as well as emergency lighting system integration and monitoring.

Emergency Lights

Emergency lights are available with LED or fluorescent fitting versions. LED starlet version is compact and can be flush mount in the ceiling. It can be installed with 2 – 4 hour battery packs according to requirement.

Exit Sign Collection

Exit signs come with different light box options to suit your requirement. LED light source or fluorescent light source version available. High transparent material for LED version for clear visibility with well printed pictographs of running man. Available in Ceiling mount, wall mount or hanging mount installation options.